How 800 Million Pounds of Himalayan Salt Are Mined Each Year | Big Business | Business Insider

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    Himalayan salt doesn't come from the Himalayas. It's mined deep inside the mountains of Pakistan at the Khewra Salt Mine. The pink rocks are turned into table salt, lamps, and statues, sold at a premium in Western countries. But despite pink salt's growing popularity abroad, Pakistan, historically, has seen little of the profits.
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    How 800 Million Pounds of Himalayan Salt Are Mined Each Year | Big Business | Business Insider

Eric Mend +4
Eric Mend

Interesting Fact: scientific studies have shown that sleeping in a room that has a Himalayan Salt lamp, has the same heath benefits as sleeping in a room that dose not have a Himalayan Salt lamp.

Just Doing It Jim +226
Just Doing It Jim

Around 60 years ago I was 7 years old and our class went on a field trip to a salt mine in New Jersey. You could literally taste the salt in the air as you walked around inside the mine. At the end of the tour we were taken to a pile of salt rocks of all sizes and told to take as much as we wanted. I chose two large rocks to carry under each arm and took them home. Mom appeased me by chipping off a little each meal for me to use on my dinner. After a few weeks the new wore off and I forgot about the salt. Later mom used the salt rocks for interesting door stops.

Sakina Khanum +300
Sakina Khanum

Great effort and lots of labour work involved....Thanks to all these people

Saad Akhtar +47
Saad Akhtar

Such fond memories visiting my grandparents each summer. Pink salt mines were a 30 minute drive, some seriously beautiful valleys not to far this same place.

Delores Mckinniss +391
Delores Mckinniss

Thank you miners and truck drivers for all of your hard work to provide that salt for us. Again thank you!

Год назад
Minahel +10

I got to visit the Khewra mines this year. The drive from there to Lahore is brutal, with bad and dangerous mountain roads. It's crazy how they move all of this

21 день назад
­손 봉 +1
­손 봉

It’s eye-opening and kind of interesting to know how the Himalayan Salt are being mined through videos. But I also feel bad for those workers. They are facing such a horrible working environment and have to take huge risks. I hope their lives would be improved.

Год назад
Kami sama +418
Kami sama

It is fascinating to know that the salt formed hundreds of millions years before the first multicellular organisms.

Azel Joy Portugues +67
Azel Joy Portugues

I find Himalayan salt less salty compared to the usual rock salt or ionised salt that we normally buy from the market.

Nikita Sharma
Nikita Sharma

I live in the Himalayan state of India- Himachal Pradesh and we have 3 huge areas where rock salt and pink salt is also produced. Didn't expect Business Insider to run a video without fact checking

9 часов назад
Malexder008 +673

So the rich mine owners asks the government to pass a law that will vastly increase their profits and yet, the workers are still exploited. It's a disgrace.

Umair Usman +12
Umair Usman

I have been to this mine on our school trip. The blocks of unrefined salt used to be for farm animals. I was surprised to know it was now being marketed as a miracle cure in the west.

Hamza +2

I hope one day, I will be able to see Pakistan implementing labor safety laws.

Год назад
Meet The Smythes +10
Meet The Smythes

Interesting to see how Himalayan pink salt is mined. Thank you for uploading and sharing this very informative and educational video. Great Job ! Awesome Footage ! Fantastic editing skills !

Benedict Earlson +175
Benedict Earlson



Those tunnels were huge and loaded with salt. You would think they would have more advance technology to get the salt the old ancient way the used in the beginning. Was interesting to watch. Great video

wardah ktk +9
wardah ktk

I am a pakistani and have visited the khewra mines and also tasted the black salt there,


Each country follows their safety guidelines . However they all must follow international regulations such as ILO and so forth. Countries in South and Central America, Africa, Asia also have their guidelines . Keep in mind many countries also must support human labor as it is necessary for it's survival. People must have an earning source to feed themselves as well families.

28 дней назад
Aidan D'souza +4
Aidan D'souza

“Himalayan salt doesn’t actually come from the Himalayas”... my whole life is a lie 😭

Год назад
Stamp Ch. +153
Stamp Ch.

My mom bough those salt lamp for me, according to the seller it would help me with my allergies. After year of using it, we concluded that it didn't help at all, but melted the salt lamp and left lots of salts on my head.


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