How An Ancient Art of Turning Seashells Into Ornaments Survived For Centuries | Still Standing

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    Jukkit Suksawa is a Thai artist who has been creating traditional mother-of-pearl inlay for the past 30 years. He is determined to keep this 14th-century ancient tradition alive by doing every step the traditional way. His pieces feature Thai motifs like the lotus flower.
    If you want to know more, please visit Jukkit Suksawat’s Facebooks page:
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    Thai Artist Carves Snail Shells Into Ancient Art That Costs Thousands | Still Standing

Danielle Capichano +245
Danielle Capichano

There's something truly and genuinely magical about what that man is doing, and I hope his nephew and anyone else willing to learn carries on this ancient tradition craft. ♥️

День назад
Jennifer Lawson +34
Jennifer Lawson

Everything about the ancient skills is magical, everything an artisan creates is a part of him or herself. It’s sad that not more young ones want to learn the ancient skills and so many of the ancient art forms are fading away 😢

9 часов назад
Robert +75

I deeply appreciate phenomenal work like this. It would be an honor to own one of his amazing works of art.

День назад
genesis animations +63
genesis animations

You can tell he truly loves his craft when he said "my work is conserving it, money is just a reward."

21 час назад
Nilesh Naik +50
Nilesh Naik

The design he's shown working on, was already labor-intensive to begin with. Then the intensity snowballed, and I was totally mindblown at

День назад
Nicola Rollinson +44
Nicola Rollinson

I understand why this is a dying art, but this guy clearly enjoys his work and whilst there are people who want to invest in these works of art, surely someone wants to learn.

День назад
Butacup Pucatub +60
Butacup Pucatub

It’s beautiful!!! I appreciate his level of artistry and craftsmanship 🧡

День назад
E. +41

Thank you for finally crediting and linking the artist in the video in the description. Please always do this. It's very important.

21 час назад
Cassandra Lyris +54
Cassandra Lyris

I love mother of pearl art. I hope the craft never truly dies!

День назад
Sammy The Hamster +31
Sammy The Hamster

The drawings are very intricate in itself. I always wondered where mother of pearl comes from. Turban snails I caught plenty on ACNH. Abalone shells are equally pretty. Great pieces of art takes time. I love to have studio close to nature and not surrounded by screaming and yelling or rude people put their awful music on for hours on end.

День назад
Zeph' +6

I love Thai art so much, it's so complex, detailed and beautiful <3

День назад
simontini sensarma +8
simontini sensarma

It's incredible, unlike anything I've seen ever! He's truly gifted and i wish many more follow his footsteps to keep this exquisite art alive!

День назад
Anthony Wong +10
Anthony Wong

It's a honour to watch a master at work. I hope this craft will be carried forward by one of family members.

День назад
Financial Shinanigan +21
Financial Shinanigan

Love how the Thai language sounds crazy calm and peaceful

День назад
は私です彼の名前 +5

This is not my aesthetic at all, but I am profoundly moved at how this artist can take such basic materials and turn them into such stunningly beautiful objects. Best to him.

7 часов назад
Adam Wilkinson +3
Adam Wilkinson

Stunning pieces, nice to see ancient ways preserved.

День назад
@greywolf +4

First time found the video so soothing & positive vibe. Saw similar shell work by Korean bagmaker with machines, looked beautiful but handwork have the rugged touch with slight imperfections which make every piece unique.❤️❤️❤️

День назад
SpicyDragonFlakes +3

Mother of pearl is quite often used is decorating guitars. It is used to mark the frets from behind the strings, and above, on the neck for the guitarist to see. It can also be used for the tunings pegs and to decorate the edges of the guitar as well. It is quite a beautiful addition, and I had no idea it was made from shells.

День назад
hyo rin +2
hyo rin

Send my love to the creator of this content 💗 I truly appreciate it. I wish I have something like this running in my family

День назад

Wow, that stuff is amazing! Some of the stuff they do in the series is not as pretty as it is interesting, but this artwork is truly beautiful.

4 часа назад


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