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    Lotus silk is one of the rarest fabrics in the world. Produced only in small scale across Cambodia, Myanmar, and more recently Vietnam, this natural fibre is only extracted by a few skilled craftspeople across the world.
    But making this "silk" isn’t easy. Extracting enough lotus silk for one scarf can take two months, and the final product can cost 10 times as much as regular silk. So just how is it made, and what makes it so expensive?
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    Why Lotus Silk Is So Expensive | So Expensive | Business Insider

Emily +9

Anybody else think this woman is underrated, she not only made a luxury item out of something that use to be considered useless but a product that can be marked as “vegan silk” and cost a lot of money

Год назад
Jamesïo +4

i pray high end retail brands don’t pick up on this and further exploit cheap labor in poorer countries for profit. this is a skill, a talent, and gods gift to the people of Myanmar. bless this woman’s heart

Год назад
JD +1

It’s refreshing to hear someone rooting for future generations rather than acting like all the skill will die with theirs.

Год назад
Alex Crowder +954
Alex Crowder

For those of you saying "200 dollars is so cheap!".... They said 200 dollars per 25 centimeters. That's like 10 inches. That is NOT the price per scarf unless your neck is literally 3 inches in circumference. She is simply explaining that the scarves are 200 dollars per 25cm. A full sized scarf is going to be atleast 125cm and possibly even a whole lot more. This means it's still over 1000 dollars per scarf which is much more fair.

Caryll Matilac +674
Caryll Matilac

What I love about this woman is that she only considered really making this into a business since she saw how it would benefit her community especially the farmers.

Год назад
Superb Himanshu +104
Superb Himanshu

I love the way when people actually don’t harm nature for their profit.

Yousef Imran +2
Yousef Imran

I'm impressed with the lady than the silk to be honest. She manage, train, teach, plan for the future, about to start a whole new industry section in garment production, and still have time to get her hands dirty working hard. Hats off to her.

Год назад
Ethical Hacking Tutorials +686
Ethical Hacking Tutorials

I love how independent and ambitious she is even at her age.

Год назад
Hoa Tien Brocade +178
Hoa Tien Brocade

Proud to be a community that keeps traditional weaving & dyeing for more than 100 years. At Hoa Tien village, we have our own farm to raise silkworm and homegrown cotton. We preserve the traditional craft techniques such as weaving, embroidery, and natural dyeing. Thai ethnic culture expresses in each pattern on fabric. We focus on produce environmentally friendly products to bring a positive impact on the community and society.

Год назад
Kimberly Bourne-Truog +14
Kimberly Bourne-Truog

This is incredibly interesting and I respect the time and delicacy applied to create the scarfs. They look beautiful.

Год назад
Saffron +546

i didnt know lotus could make silk... honestly just the words "lotus silk" is enough to explain why its expensive 😅

Год назад
Milliene Xu +21
Milliene Xu

The other thing is that it’s incredible how many videos are about preserving some tedious process passed down in history that creates something beautiful, but it seems lotus silk was only starting to be used recently so it feels like we’re watching history be made!

Год назад
Mitu Bút Chì +8
Mitu Bút Chì

I really love her mindset. Some highly skilled people are just like "you're new and dumb, better follow my way". Meanwhile she's like "I love to teach the young generation, they're creative, passionate, they do things fast and later in life they're gonna find ways to do it better and faster than I am."

Год назад
Angela Hall +155
Angela Hall

This has to be passed on from generation to generation as it's has been for thousands of years. People today expect immediate gratification and don't appreciate where anything actually comes from. It's usually people like this woman who have kept these traditions alive.

Год назад
Lag Joy +87
Lag Joy

It doesn't sound like the price is high enough considering how many plants it takes to make one & especially all the hard hand work that goes into one. I find it fascinating that silk can be made from the lotus stem. One of a kind designer scarves would fetch a much higher price, probably baby wouldn't be made as durable or as beautiful...it also seems like this could help a lot of people in the community learn a new skill that would help all financially too.

Blue bird +11
Blue bird

She is so inspiring yet so humble loving and giving!🥰 the amount of patients recurring to do it and plus teach it! 😳 just amazing

doculam +690

''A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit''

Год назад
SCP 173 +5
SCP 173

U can really see the love and care she puts into making these.

Meh +7

She teaches 100 students a year. She’s curating and entire industry for future generations. What an amazing woman.

Год назад
Aussie Aus Deutschland +32
Aussie Aus Deutschland

Seeing what process they go through by hand to make the silk, I can fully understand the price of it.

Год назад


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