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    Oyster reefs used to line America's coastlines. Today, they've nearly vanished, thanks to overharvesting, increasingly powerful storms, and oil spills. But conservationists are trying to bring back America's wild oysters, not just for eating, but for the benefits they bring to receding coastlines. We went to Louisiana to find out what it takes to farm oysters today and learn about the efforts to replenish these little bivalves.
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    The True Cost Of Losing America's Wild Oysters | True Cost | Business Insider

Adriana Ortiz +216
Adriana Ortiz

The worst injury I’ve ever had was when I accidentally stepped onto an oyster bed while barefoot as a kid. I fell forward a little but kept upright and essentially danced on these poor oysters while screaming and trying to get back to the sand. I just remember my dad canoeing us back to camp while the floor just filled up with a mix of seawater and my blood. In retrospect I almost feel worse for the lil guys than my baby feet, even though I couldn’t walk right for weeks. I was probably an apocalyptic event in that colony

14 часов назад
Drumpf Todd +238
Drumpf Todd

The 50's were seen as a great time but we needlessly destroyed our natural stocks of food. The oyster, sardine and almost every other industry can attest to the damage caused by the overproduction of natural resources.

14 часов назад
Will Cook +288
Will Cook

2.5 million oysters and only 10,000 survived?! My God how did Scott rebound from that? Thats crazy determination. I cannot imagine what a loss like that must cost

16 часов назад
Monzai +69

Not many people seem to realize the importance of coral and oyster reefs along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic coast. Just because they aren’t pristine clear green or blue waters like in the tropics, the reefs are just as important if not more important. If there were sufficient reefs I’m sure the water would not be as murky as it is on the Atlantic coast

14 часов назад
Kman199 +21

As someone who was around in the 90s in Louisiana I can say I remember seeing mountains of oyster shells being sold as filler for holes similar to gravel. I havent seen that in years now. I guess this explains why

14 часов назад
Monzai +18

In many coastal towns you will see buildings where they added oyster shells to concrete, I believe this is called tabby. Even sidewalks sometimes. Mounds of oyster shells were also found around native sites

14 часов назад
Soren +144

Oyter businessmen: “We use to bring in multiple 50-60ft boats DAILY and full them all with oysters”

14 часов назад
Christa Vealey +2
Christa Vealey

If the state governments, DMFs, commercial fishermen and farmers were all willing to actually willing to work together, the problem would able to be solved a lot quicker and easier than they are now. That's the biggest step: getting past the politics and finding a healthy balance.

9 часов назад
Rebecca Moyer +73
Rebecca Moyer

I love oysters so much but they’re unbelievably expensive now and I can see why. I can’t even swim in the same waters I grew up swimming in every day. What’s happening to this country?

16 часов назад
Andy Barr +18
Andy Barr

Most oysters that are consumed in the US are farmed and they are very different than the native oysters. Look up "Tasty Mutants: The Invention of the Modern Oyster", and you can read how the farmed ones have had polyploidy induced in them.

14 часов назад
Seth Naugle +15
Seth Naugle

Me and my friend were fishing in the eastern shore and we saw a tiny island. We decided to walk around with our flip flops. We stepped on an oyster every now and then and cut our ankles up. The closer we got to the center we realized the mud we were trekking through was a safe haven for an oyster bed. We made a big mistake because our flip flops didn't stay because the mud kept taking them off and our feet were cut the hell up. That's when I learned how sharp oysters are.

12 часов назад
Win Reacts +3
Win Reacts

When I was living in Washington State, I would always go out to the reefs and find oysters by the dozens.

7 часов назад
Aaron Johnson +23
Aaron Johnson

I don't mean to sound like a jerk but I totally like everything that they're doing to reintroduce the oysters and help with erosion and everything but there's got to be a point when we remember that we were just over harvesting I mean did we really need to take that many oysters out and the fact that back then they weren't putting the shells back to help rebuild where are the oysters are going to live it's going to take a long time to get the oysters back to where they should be but at least we're trying to be on the right path

14 часов назад
Monzai +9

Flood mitigation, coastal building projects and all fishing and farming should be collaborating together not fighting against each other

14 часов назад
Emilio Muñoz Levine +8
Emilio Muñoz Levine

In nyc the wild oysters were completely decimated. The harbors water was completely destroyed due to this. The billion oyster project is working to restore the nyc harbor and I hope you take a look at them and see what you can do about it

14 часов назад
Flash357 +3

This is what happens when they are over harvested, and added to that, contaminations and natural disasters make it harder for them to survive. These harvesters should seed those waters with baby oysters and not harvest them so much.

9 часов назад
M L +2

The solution for some conservation efforts is not complete banning, but instead restricting corporations. Many small business prosper without getting greedy. Keep it small. Keep corporations out.

12 часов назад
Your Safe Place +30
Your Safe Place

It's the fault of our great grandparents and grandparents. They just came in and raped the land for everything it was worth with absolutely zero mind towards conservation. Our parents generation didn't do so great with it either and it's fallen onto our generation and the next to be almost fully activated towards conservationism and figuring out how to fix all these fuckups. Unfortunately for some things it's too late or it's going to take a very very long time until we see the benefits of things happening today.

14 часов назад
FlyHigh +2

Here in the philippines oysters are unlimited because we reproduce the consumed shells and its only four to five months to harvest.

7 часов назад

Born and raised on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, we have the best Oysters in the World here!

12 часов назад


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