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    Tarpon Springs, Florida supplies roughly 70% of the world's natural sea sponges. They're harvested by the descendants of Greek immigrants, whose influence can be seen and heard on the streets, restaurants and shops of this Gulf Coast town.
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    How This Florida Town Became The Sea Sponge Capital Of The World | Big Business | Business Insider

Flavio Silva +146
Flavio Silva

In Brazil we usually use the loofah (Luffa aegyptiaca), I believe it must have a better efficiency than the sea sponge. It is not uncommon for a person to have this climbing plant in the backyard, it produces a lot and spreads easily.

14 дней назад
Help my cat is eating me +195
Help my cat is eating me

I love the fact that they aren’t forcing their children to sponge dive and want a ‘better’ future for them.

21 день назад
Brian Felt +139
Brian Felt

Lived there for 7 years before moving to Indian Rocks beach area. I spent hours down there because I worked at the Marina across from the docks. The Greeks are wonderful people, very caring once you gain there trust. They helped me through some tough times.

21 день назад
Andrew +251

I've been to Tarpon Springs before, small town but very nice place. I like the shops there. A lot of sea themed stuff. Most of their stuff is the real deal. I think next time I visit I will buy myself a sponge or two for my shower. They also have nice restaurants, I went to this Greek restaurant I had a lamb gyro and grilled squid. You get nice views of the water too.

21 день назад
Preston Miller +59
Preston Miller

I’ve lived in the area my whole life, so lucky to grow up in such a wonderful part of the state!

21 день назад
Melfi +55

I’ve come here once when I was about 10. I thought we were going to the beach (that’s what I was told) but instead we came here and honestly it was way better then any beach. It was beautiful and fun and I had a lot of fun learning about sponges and shopping around I really want to come back one of these days 😊😊

21 день назад
winesap2 +16

I love Tarpon Springs. Fun little town to visit and I love using the sponges. They smell like the sea no matter where you go, so you can bring the sea with you. I always wondered about the sustainability of the industry.

14 дней назад
Redwood Trail +30
Redwood Trail

There’s a Greek restaurant on the sponge docks that is amazing! The food is so delicious. The shops are touristy but a fun day. There was a little family owned aquarium as well. My husbands family lives in palm harbor so we always visit when we visit our family. Interesting little segment about a place I’ve been. Thanks for sharing!

21 день назад
Perun Productions +25
Perun Productions

As a Floridian, I visit this city a lot of times it is extremely beautiful ❤️

21 день назад
Jennifer Lawson +1
Jennifer Lawson

I can understand both the highs and lows of sponge diving and harvest.

4 часа назад
Aidan Acebo +64
Aidan Acebo

I used to be a sponge diver! the man in the first clip, trimming the sponge, that's Taso. I worked with him, made a good chunk of money for it. I'd know them hairy ass arms anywhere.

21 день назад
Toni Morris
Toni Morris

I just LOVE Tarpon Springs...I lived in Spring Hill some years ago, and I discovered the cute little Greek town, with the most delicious Greek food, the small Aquarium by the docks, the soap store "Geta Guru" the authentic small shops, the random musicians playing their lovely instruments, and of course the sea sponges 🧽 I still have a couple. I miss Tarpon Springs so much. Great memories🙏🏾

2 часа назад
Blaze6432 +55

I live half an hour south of Tarpon Springs and have visited dozens of times in my life. Wonderful little town, you can still hear the older generation speak Greek.

21 день назад

I lived in Tarpon Springs for awhile, very Greek town with amazing food. Definitely worth checking out the Sponge Docks. It's a just a short drive from Clearwater.

14 дней назад
IFergot +104

Perhaps it would be better for them to create a sponge farm. They are resilient and regenerate well right? Seems like a perfect product to keep growing. Creating a farm might help the surrounding area regrow as well.

21 день назад
Hailey Smith +2
Hailey Smith

Oh I love this town! I went a year ago and it was the cutest little town ever. I went to a restaurant and ate the best veggie hummus sandwich that was amazing. It was so unbelievably fresh and so flavorful it made my mouth water. That sandwich will forever be in my memories and I can't wait to go back! Everything about this town is authentic and the people are super friendly too.

14 дней назад
Title Examiner237 +9
Title Examiner237

I visited there some years ago and I still have my sponge! Great Greek food

21 день назад
Kristen Sorensen +40
Kristen Sorensen

Informative story! I prefer a wash cloth because it is washable and is from a farmed product like cotton. Never used any but artificial kind. These are a fickle kind of industry but at least they are learning to cut them not pull them out of the bottom. There was a documentary about oyster and South Sea pearls being farmed. Great!!

21 день назад
mommy2libras +3

We always went out that way when we visited my father in law. Lunch at the Greek restaurant- always get the saganaki- check out the town for a bit, then drive over to Honeymoon Beach. I've been there at several different times of year and unlike every other Florida beach, including the one a few minutes from my house, Honeymoon was never crowded but still beautiful. And the visitor's center is great- the park rangers will show you all kinds of stuff, including the nesting eagles out over the bay.

21 день назад
lesdeplorables +7

I love Tarpon Springs! Gorgeous town!

21 день назад


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