How One Company Is Making Self-Driving Trucks A Reality

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    There is currently a truck driver shortage of 80,000 people - a number that is expected to double by 2030. Embark is a self-driving trucking company that is using automated technology to solve this problem. Its software helps logistics companies move goods from Point A to Point B. Ultimately, Embark wants to make truckers’ lives better by having self-driving trucks do the long-haul portion of trips - which is the most taxing on drivers.
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    How One Company Is Making Self-Driving Trucks A Reality

FrankyBoy +48

You know what would solve a trucker shortage? Sane pay and sane work environment.

12 часов назад
Chris Waldrip +84
Chris Waldrip

Trucks should mostly be the last mile piece. Trains are significantly faster, safer, and cheaper. In Europe chains like ikea even have rail access at some stores.

12 часов назад
Troy Clayton +42
Troy Clayton

I came in skeptical, I know what truck drivers may have to deal with at destination. Having automated systems for the long haul, and a human driver to get out and ask if someone can move their car on the short haul is the best possible solution.

12 часов назад
Nagyová Timea +2
Nagyová Timea

I see that in most of the jobs we have low pay. That is meant for shop employees, truck drivers and teachers as well as other employees. Meanwhile the prices are going so up that a loaf of bread that used to be 70cents is now 2/3 times it's price

7 часов назад
Juliet lynn🌷 +19
Juliet lynn🌷

Great video. you've remind me of what someone once said❤The richest people in the world build networks; everyone else is trained to look for work.” “There is a difference between being poor and being broke. I once attended similar and ever since then i been waxing strong financially, and i most tell you the truth..

12 часов назад
addy samson
addy samson

I have never once seen any of these autonomous vehicles being operated in rain or fog or snowy and other inclement weather conditions, it's always a nice sunny day.

4 часа назад
PaliLuke +7

Local routes pay less than interstate routes by about $20k annually, not to mention a shift like this in the industry would mean that many truckers will be between jobs while the industry transitions, meaning there’s a lot of money that truckers, especially those with families, will be losing. Cutting out the human aspect of interstate driving is going to destroy a lot of what’s left of the industry. The reason behind the protests weren’t cuz truckers want robot driving, they want to get paid reasonably and not mistreated by employers.

9 часов назад
Wanderpol Tv +10
Wanderpol Tv

This truck is indeed safer than with a human driver.

12 часов назад
Selman Uzun +4
Selman Uzun

What shortage?!? Because of the high demand to trucking and amount of drivers, the price of shipping drops which effects trucking company owners like me.

9 часов назад
Chauncey Lockwood +112
Chauncey Lockwood

This is an advertisement for that company. And it was a bad one.

12 часов назад
Jen Klen +3
Jen Klen

the CEO just name his autonomous gold cart, MARTIN?! Now I’ve seen it all 😂

12 часов назад
The Paramount Paramount +7
The Paramount Paramount

Though this looks promising, we won't be seeing this into reality anytime soon. Tech companies haven't solved the independent self-driving car, let alone the self-driving truck which is much more complicated.

12 часов назад
MoZz +4

what happens if a person walks infront of the truck? - dont we need to change everything to make it safe, close off roads, so no person can walk there.

12 часов назад
Loudra H +14
Loudra H

I feel this is going to end in a huge tragedy somewhere! This has dangerous at those speeds written all over it...

12 часов назад
Stav B +5
Stav B

Whetever u do, unless u make a special lane for autodriven cars and trucks that does not interfere with human driven vehicles in case of accident , then it is pretty pointless. AI systems are very "smart" but there is no way to prove and exactly under which circumstances "a glitch" might happen. Sure rhe probability in theory is very low but if 10ths of people die because of a glitch go explain that to their families

12 часов назад

Hopefully Tesla will purchase them and incorporate their awesome technology into their upcoming driverless trucks.

7 часов назад

I would just climb on these trucks while in traffic stops just for a free cross country hitchhike

4 часа назад
Am az on +2
Am az on

About time... no more holding companies hostage for higher wage...

7 часов назад
Johnny Holloway +6
Johnny Holloway

If this goes nationwide I believe a lot of OTR truckers will be out of the job. But other new jobs will be created. So it depends on how you view a glass of water, half full or half empty…pros and cons.

12 часов назад
dhruv pathak +26
dhruv pathak

Technology is to help humans, not to destroy their lives. These innovations are great in technology and scientifically but we cannot pay the cost of hundreds of thousands of people pushed to be jobless. Yes, big corporates will make billions of dollars of profit but people (the consumer) won't be able to afford to buy from them!!

12 часов назад


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